Innovation in the Most Cost Competitive Way

3 Ways Nearshoring Can Supercharge Your Digital Transformation

Many companies are ready to innovate, but don’t know where to start. Are you in this same conundrum? As the pace of digital transformation accelerates faster than talent can be developed, you may find your digital dreams dashed by the high cost of entry.

“Our companies are dying for talent,” writes Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen. “They’re like lying on the beach gasping because they can’t get enough talented people for these jobs.”

But the good news is, you don’t need to bet the farm on cultivating your own software engineering workforce. In fact, turning your attention to the nearshores of Mexico may well be the best way you can digitally transform right now.

What is Nearshoring?

iTexico is the pioneer of a unique NearshorePLUS model which works similar to offshoring – but without the high cost and culture clash. With NearshorePLUS, businesses work with software engineering teams in a country that shares the same border, offering the perks of geographical proximity, cultural affinity, speed to market, and cost efficiencies.

Nearshore PLUS

How can NearshorePlus transform your enterprise? Here are three customer success stories that demonstrate how easy it can be to reshape processes, products, and results through digital innovation and transformation.

Challenge No. 1: Improving Productivity and Customer Service

A national manufacturer was seeking a way to provide easy access to its network of dealers so they could request quotes, place orders and manage customers in an efficient manner. The company’s old UI/UX interface and poor and old terminal server application made this operation very difficult.

Nearshore PLUS


iTexico built a new one-stop hub that delivered all business needs and day-to-day functions in a contemporary wrapper. The responsive website – connected to the master database – offered real-time benefits that the former solutions simply could not. Using iTexico’s Nearshore team of UI/UX designers and a product manager, the solution was developed using technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, and on the Back-End using .NET Web, API 2.0.

Perhaps most compelling, the cost of development using iTexico’s Nearshore resources is less than half that of building a team, at current labor rates in the U.S. Central region, according to Gartner.

Challenge No. 2: Improving Obsolete Quality Assurance Application

With more than 10,000 valves deployed worldwide, a manufacturer needed a mission-critical application that ensured each valve passed extensive certification testing. The existing application was considered obsolete and inefficient, jeopardizing the company’s ability to ensure quality and excellence of its systems.


To remedy this situation, iTexico was asked to develop and deploy a new “Test Certificate” application on a tight timeframe. In the process, it was decided that the new app would feature an enhanced set of components and more automation related to the testing processes.

iTexico’s team of developers, engineers and QA professionals built the web app using a mix of  technologies, including C# .NET, MVC 5, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Jquery and Bootstrap. The resulting application allows valve customers to receive Test Certificates that reflect the most critical information gained from testing, as well as essential characteristics of valve construction.

Again, iTexico’s Nearshore solution resulted in a 45 percent savings compared to what it could have cost using domestic labor sourced directly.

Challenge No. 3: Delivering Cost Efficiencies on 12 Pending Product Releases

Cyber security is an important aspect of any business, but solutions must be scalable – particularly when you are the industry leader in your space. This company was struggling to expand faster, and had 12 products ready to release. Without immediate expertise, the project would be deployed at far more expense than had been conceived.


iTexico immediately deployed a team of senior testers with experience across a variety of platforms and with test automation schemes, including E2E, API, and component level. As a result, the client was able to release its expanded product lineup quickly and efficiently, and iTexico’s team remains in place today to ensure continued efficiencies.

These cyber security products were supported on budget, with 40 percent total savings compared to what it could have cost being outsourced directly in the U.S. Western region.