Activating your Mobile Strategy

In the U.S., 75 percent of citizens older than 13 own a smartphone. Mobile has become the tool of choice for accessing information, communicating both personally and professionally, entertaining, and much more.

The mobile apps and software used on smartphones evolve rapidly, updating constantly in a bid to attract more consumer eyeballs. Mobile apps today are crucial to the success and growth of businesses across the globe. But how can companies stay ahead and reap the benefits brought on by a mobile strategy?

At iTexico, we focus on developing mobile strategies that are based on human experience.

As a result, we are able to implement strategies that lead to more powerful, and more effective, user experiences when clients and potential clients interact with a company’s mobile ecosystem.

Why a Mobile Strategy?

A mobile strategy with iTexico involves state-of-the-art guidance and support through digital innovation, coupled with the development and engineering of mobile applications to help you reach new audiences and improve results. A mobile strategy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Refined user experiences
  • Reshaping processes
  • Reshaping products
  • Leveraging and improving products
  • Adding new features
  • Developing quicker and automated processes
  • Integrating with other products or SaaS
  • Designing interfaces to improve human experiences
  • Having a product that helps raise funding and private equity financing
  • Reaching larger pools of employers and end-users
  • Reaching new markets
  • Disrupting competitors or markets
  • Gaining visibility for the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition, iTexico has developed a unique model for developing, strategizing, and implementing your mobile strategy: Nearshoring is the process of outsourcing certain IT services to resources located in a country in close proximity to yours. This means your software development is happening close enough in geographical proximity that the team you’re working with has a firm understanding of your cultural, social, and political values. iTexico’s NearshorePlus model offers software engineering solutions in Mexico, where the geographical proximity leads to cost efficiencies, strong communication, and affordable rates.

To help exemplify the ease and effectiveness of establishing a mobile strategy through iTexico, here are a few customer success stories:

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Customer Success Story #1

The Problem

iTexico was introduced to the client, a caregiving company that was in need of a more efficient way to access its dealer network, to place orders, to manage customer affairs, and to better capitalize on opportunities. Their existing UI/UX interface and accompanying server application was out-of-date and ineffective.

In order to round out a new mobile strategy, the client also needed to evolve its mobile communication platform. The goals of their new mobile communication platform were to effectively manage and facilitate their relationships with clients and potential clients, to  to a better job of tracking data, and to add new features as the company and technology evolved.

The client’s initial mobile strategy was crowded by a variety of apps and software, such as Salesforce, Stripe, Mandrill, Raygun, and Sentry.

The Solution

iTexico developed a mobile strategy that would tackle the issues and bottlenecks with the client’s current system and streamline its business like never before. First, the iTexico team developed a MEAN stack application with the help of Strongloop, Mongo, and Angular. This first phase of the mobile strategy also included the introduction of a background task manager and powerful search function with MySQL.

Next, iTexico’s talented product team developed a new dashboard that would support and innovate coach-client communication. This dashboard was built with responsive design, and included features such as file uploads, post search, and case sharing.

Finally, improvements to the backend through Salesforce and Mandrill integrations created an environment that enabled greater data tracking, efficient scheduling functions, and a more thorough and connected life cycle of coach-client interactions.

The Outcome

iTexico’s mobile strategy through the enhanced app caused immediate and explosive growth for the client. Revenues tripled each year for the following three years. Additionally, the upgraded technology also helped the client raise more than $2 million in private equity financing, and provide their service to 25 employers and 100,000 users. The best part? These efficiencies helped thousands of families plan and manage the care of their loved ones.

Customer Success Story #2

The Problem

iTexico was tasked with developing a mobile strategy for a company whose current apps and strategy weren’t up to par with its client base and industry at large. The client is a global provider of equipment rental and tool tracking software. Its reach expands to 50 countries worldwide with more than 4,500 locations.

The Challenge

The client has been a leader in its industry for 20 years, but its mobile user experience wasn’t a focus of the company’s business plan, and clients increasingly complained of the experience being slow, inefficient, and clunky. Something had to change.

The Solution

iTexico specializes in helping companies like said client revamp and realign its mobile strategy to keep up with expected user experiences and maintain its spot as a leader in the industry.

On the user side, iTexico built a new mobile experience from the ground up – including a new user interface with features based on Apple and Google best practices. On the back end, a restructuring and optimization of the existing code improved app performance and allowed the company to better track the entire customer life cycle – from point-of-sale, to asset management, maintenance, and all the way through to accounting and financial planning.

The Outcome

As expected, the suite of mobile apps that iTexico implemented allowed the client to maintain market dominance, grow client base, and appease the demands of current clients.

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Customer Success Story #3

The Problem

Client #3 is a century-old company that is a leader in the beverage manufacturing industry. The company enlisted the help of iTexico to keep its clients informed of new catalogue additions, new product releases, new flavors and recipes, and to develop a direct line of communication with its consumers. The company’s current mobile strategy was ineffective, under-utilized, and lacked a proper strategy to achieve its goals. The user experience and user interface needed a revitalization.

The Solution

iTexico assembled experts in iOS, Android, and .NET development in order to align with each mobile platform, and created a new backend.

After collaborating with the client to define the sections and features required to achieve the company’s goals, scalability and easy maintenance were identified as two main focuses for the mobile strategy. The app also needed to be cohesive with various screen sizes, so iTexico developed code that would enable this while also being able to scale and modify in the future.

Finally, iTexico deployed Swift3, Java, Gradle and XML for iOS and Android as part of the mobile strategy.

The Outcome

The mobile strategy developed by iTexico resulted in tens of thousands of users to install the new app. After initial usage reports, clients were tremendously satisfied with how much easier the new app was to use.

As a result, more than 20,000 users have installed the new application and reported great satisfaction with the ease of use as compared to the previous version.

The app has allowed the client to achieve its goals of providing better information and communication with its clients and accounts.

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Customer Success Story #4

The Problem

This company had earned a reputation for being customer-centric and a one-stop-shop for home financing needs. With more than 150 branches across the country, it had built a strong customer base and was known for providing a pleasant experience for home buyers.

Although business was booming, the mortgage application and approval process itself can be tedious, time consuming, and involve a lot of sensitive information. The company wanted to find a reliable way to improve the mortgage process and centralize the information effectively.

The Solution

During iTexico’s creative Design Spring, they learned everything it could about the client’s customer experience, and nuances of the mortgage industry.

Next, a highly-responsive and intuitive application was designed across iOS and Android platforms that could handle parts of the loan process and offer new tools and features for borrowers.

To manage and store data in a safe and compliant way, the next phase involved the use of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Droid to sync and store the inbound data from Envoy.

Finally, iTexico helped the client’s new app gain awareness and attention on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Outcome

Aside from offering clients new tools and ways to research and calculate relevant information, this new app introduced a better system for the internal team. Borrowers are now able to get an abundance of new information through the app, while it can also facilitate a face-to-face meeting with a nearby representative for any specific needs.

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